Our Philosophy

By Robert Brandau, Founding Director

Our core mission at Career-Confidence.org is to provide FREE expert job search skills education and genuine encouragement while expressing Christian compassion.



1: HR Professionals on a Mission

When people unexpectedly find themselves needing employment, they need caring people to show them the most effective methods to market themselves and land a quality job. Virtually no one is trained on the most modern job search methodology.

If you are truly compassionate to people in job transition, then you want them to have accurate job search advice. As professional recruiters and HR professionals, we do this for a living. When we give advice it is coming from real world experience. Almost every expert includes in their seminars real examples from the previous week.

Too often we hear stories where a non-professional meaning well gave wrong advice to the people seeking employment and ended up hurting them.

While there is a Christian component to our organization, the standard job search advice is neither Christian nor non-Christian. It is professional advice. We do this for a living. We know what we are teaching. Isn’t this what a motivated job seeker wants?


2: Working with Motivated Job Seekers

When we offer job search advice, we assume that the recipient is motivated to do their job search as effectively as they can. They have to be serious in their job search.

  • Does the individual want to improve their abilities?
  • Are they open to personal improvement?
  • Are they willing to learn the most modern job search methodology?
  • Do they fully understand that quality jobs are highly competitive?

Our seminars tend to be on Saturday mornings for many practical reasons. This tends to focus our efforts on the energetic, motivated job seeker. Also, we require people to show up in full business attire. For men this means wearing suit and tie. Once again, this helps encourage only the motivated job seekers to attend. Finally, we ask our attendees to approach our seminars as a formal job interview. Even though they attend to learn the most modern job search methodology, the instructors are professional recruiters who have and will hire our attendees from time to time.


3: A Program in a Master’s Degree Format

Our estimate is that only 20% of the people who are interviewed for positions show up fully prepared for the initial interview. Our first goal is to assist each of our attendees in being in that upper 20%. However, we want to take it a step further. We want our attendees to be so well prepared that they are in the top 4% of candidates with their skill set.

Interviewing is just one of many job search topics we teach at a deep level. We truly want to have our candidates achieve a high level of preparedness to find their next job.

When our attendees gain such a deep understanding of the modern job search methodology that they feel like they have a graduate degree in finding employment, we have been successful with them.


4: A Highly Personal Approach

We exist to care for individuals as best we can. We desire to have small seminars if at all possible. The ability to connect with our motivated job seekers is much more effective in a group of 20 than a group of 100. Our ability to answer individual questions is enhanced by smaller, more intimate groups. Also, we have discovered that networking between job seekers is enhanced by more personal groups. As one attendee mentioned, this format really makes them feel human rather than just a number. We want everyone to feel cared for.


5: A Christian Component

As a follower of Jesus, I personally understand that jobs come and go, but Jesus is eternal. Attendees constantly come to us with issues far more complex than a professional recruiter can solve. By pointing people towards Jesus, they are being offered a relationship far more secure than an individual job.

On the other hand, some of our best supporters do not share my faith in Jesus. As one of our atheist supporters commented, they have no use for Jesus but love the work that we are doing. Yet, they understand that getting the Christian community involved can only benefit people in job transition. Also, as employment specialists, we know that many questions will arise for people in job transition which we cannot answer. We are glad that the Christian component offers solid answers regardless of our individual view of Jesus.

On an ironic note, having many people in our midst who do not share my faith in Jesus is a huge help to our organization. For a detailed explanation, contact me through info@career-confidence.org.

As professionals in the employment process, we have a general philosophy that we employ:

Professionals offering professional advice.

If you would like to hear more about a personal relationship with Jesus, this Youtube video by Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries gives a clear explanation. Our organization has no relationship with In Touch Ministries.

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